Past few months were times like never before. While you were locked in your own home, you created a new way of living: school, work and family were merged and borders disappeared. Our life was being taken over by a virus, and for this reason: changes were needed. The health of our society was at stake. So, in the interest of yourself and your loved ones we adjusted to new rules, which will keep its importance the coming months.

Changes can be scary and are often associated with the negative aspects of it. However, I think it’s very important to highlight the positive aspects of change. Because, while we were being locked out of the rest of the world, a lot of people got to learn more about themselves. The surplus of time gave the opportunity of exploring new hobbies and self development. I, for an instance, started running and explored new ways to express my creativity. Others found creative solutions to absorb the negative consequences of the recent changes. People actually thought about each other and for a moment, the earth walked hand in hand.

Life will never be what it once was. The many changes will get a spot in the future, when we resume our ‘normal’ life. As my grandpa always used to say; ‘after rain comes sunshine’, and at the moment, the sun can’t come soon enough. Change can be hard, but it’s necessary and can (and will) help us further towards a better future. One great example is the ‘black lives matter’-movement; if they hadn’t taken this important step, their voices would’ve never reached a big platform and set and (important) trend.

Embrace changes. Change will be the new normal, only for new changes to come through.